Do you like having your cards on an app but still want to track your damage physically? Do you like using cards but have friends who use an app? We’ve got just the thing for you!!

The Longshanks Injury Report shows the health pools of each model in a guild on one or two cards. It also includes a card to track the momentum and victory points of each player.

The cards are printed on plastic playing card stock. They're durable, dry-erase-compatible, crash-proof, and have excellent battery life. Say goodbye to sleeves and never worry about losing track of a model's health mid-game again.

Injury Report cards were a big hit at the two SteamCons this year so we're bringing them out for a public release. Order your set today to make sure they arrive in time for your next big event!

The Injury Report contains cards for each guild plus a momentum and victory point tracker. The full deck currently includes:

Item Price
Injury Report deck (28 cards)
Includes each guild plus a momentum/VP tracker
Momentum/VP tracker (1 card)
There is a limited supply of individual guild cards available. Contact us by email or at our Facebook page to place an order for these cards. $1.50

Orders and payments are processed through PayPal. All prices listed in USD.

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