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Kubla Con Golden Horde Virtual Tournament

We are going to have this tournament, mostly because I want to give back to the great Guild Ball Community that has been patient with me for two years as I flounder around not knowing what to do.

This is going to be a two-day Vassal Tournament. Rounds will start 7:00AM (UTC-7) On May 30th. We will have a 115 min round timer to help deal with fiddling around in Vassal to make accurate measurements. We will also have player time set to 50 min.

The first day of the tournament is going to be 4 rounds. The second day of the tournament will start at 7:00AM (UTC-7) on May 31st and will be 3 rounds.

I have prizes to hand out and there will be a live raffle event. I will be mailing out all prizes anywhere in the world.

There will be prizes for the following:

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Most Take Outs Scored
  • Most Goals Scored
  • There will also be 10 raffle prizes

Lastly, I am also going to open up a painting completion for folks to join. I am not quite sure yet how I am also going to be handling the submissions, but that is a bridge I can set on fire when I get to it. Depending on the turnout for painting submissions, I may also have 5 raffle prizes for entrants. The painting competition categories are:

  • Best Painted Solo Model
  • Best Painted Guild
  • Best Goal Design

Admission for the event is $20. This is to cover postage for all prizes sent. I will mail your prize anywhere in the world you are. Entree fees can be sent to my Paypal or Venmo account. I will see you on the field in front of the Golden Horde of Kubla!

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