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WTC 2020 - Team England

Welcome to the beginning of the Guild Ball WTC Team England 2020 selection process! Once selected, we'll be sending 3 teams of 3 players to compete at the 2020 Guild Ball World Championship in Austria!

Today we're publishing the selection process in full along with a Team England Charter. The Charter will govern how those on the selection committee and selected players are expected to conduct themselves in representation of WTC Team England.

We will also be publishing a frequently asked questions document to help those who are less familiar with the WTC.

Let's start off with the key dates for the selection process:

February 14thThe application window opens
March 20thThe application window closes
April 3rdThe living team roster is published
June 1stThe final team roster is published & payment submitted
August 16thGuild lock-in for each player
August 30thRoster lock-in for each player
September 16thWTC roster submission deadline
October 16th-18thWTC 2020

The living team roster

Before we get into the full detail we felt there was a particularly big change to how Team England will operate which needs to be explained.

In the past, members of Team England have been selected and locked in place 6 or so months ahead of the WTC itself. The problem with this is that a lot can happen in 6 months. Players can play the game more, less, or can even stop playing the game altogether. There is a lot of time for real life to happen which can turn a well practiced player that has earned their place on the team into someone who is out of practice when the event itself rolls around. While not necessarily that person's fault, it still isn't fair on those who are well practiced who could have gone in their place.

The living team roster is a selection of players that are not completely locked into playing for Team England until the last possible moment. Instead of selecting 9 players for 3 specific teams, we will select between 9-12 players for the living team roster. The living team roster will then be published on April 3rd.

Between April 3rd and June 1st the selection committee will continue to monitor the players named in the living team roster. During this time the players will be admitted into the Team England private discord server to discuss guild selection, model line ups, team practice days, and so on.

On the 1st of June the selection committee will publish the final team roster which will consist of the 9 players making the trip to the WTC and representing Team England.

The major benefit of this system is that we can ensure the players selected for Team England will be the highest performing players at a much closer date to the WTC itself than we have in previous years. In addition, if a selected player has an unexpected life changing event it will be much easier to switch in a reserve player that has been practicing with the rest of the team.

If you have a question, you can email us or contact Jamie, Charles, or Ben directly at events or through social media.

Without further ado, here are the Team England charter, selection process, and FAQ documents. We've also linked the WTC 2020 Rules Pack:

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