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Volunteering to work on an event like a WTC is something that should be done with much contemplation. Or you just jump in, like we did! You quickly become a person that is known by a lot of people and a surprising amount of new Facebook contacts (note that I passed on using their preferred word of 'friends' there?) appear, almost like Harvest Markers in a Farmers team composed of Grange, Ploughman, Jackstraw, Peck, Millstone and Harrow. Simultaneously, you suddenly get in touch with a lot of very interesting persons.

Now that the first hurdles are passed and we are running along with the next tasks in mind, I want to pause, look back at the frantic first two months of working toward October next year and say some thanks:

First of all, I want to thank 'RedSam' here who helped me with setting up this channel of communication. Sam was very accommodating, helped with changing his page to support us, provided feedback and is, in general, a great person to work with! I am very much looking forward to collaborating throughout the year and the promised beer when I get to go to where he hails from.

Secondly, the next group of people I need to mention are the staffers at Steamforged, namely Jamie Perkins and Mr. Giblin. They were very responsive in all questions asked and provided us with A LOT of meaningful feedback on the do's, don'ts and MUST NOTs that come along with an event at that scale and level of attention.

But I already sound like Michelle Pfeiffer accepting her first Oscar and most likely, none of you is really interested in those things. So, let me close out with providing some meaningful information.

In the early stages of the conversation, the team behind the WTC (Steve, Kim, Jeroen, Jan, and I) discussed the option of adding a single players event. The idea was to have a pool of players who could be drawn into the Team event if a squad is short of a player due to unforeseen circumstances, illness or any other reason. This would have had its own downside as we would have had to cut down the number of participating teams due to venue space, our limited ability to run two simultaneous events, and also the fact that crowning someone a WTC champion in a 16 player tournament just felt ... wrong.

Furthermore, the proposition of having a team event as the sole center of our plans, with players not only playing a tournament but also engaging in social behavior like exchanging gifts, talking in team groups about the games played, and teams inviting each other to a beer after the game just felt better. But what to do with the number of odd players? Those who don't come out of a strong national meta? Who can't get on a team because they have no peers who want to go or can't find enough people who can afford it?

Well, there is a solution for those, and that solution is called 'United Nation Teams'. We will expand the number of slots for UNT's and will seek to provide support and help for those players who want to join such a team. We have registered a small number of volunteers who will help the local team to facilitate the work on those teams. They will establish communication, gather information, help singular arrivals with travel plans and so on. I am very happy to have them help us next year.

Last but not least: The Goodie Bag. We are in the process of determining what we want to put in there and how much budget we want to set aside for them. While we already have a strong 'lineup' of ideas and items in the pipeline, I feel like putting the following question out there:

Is there something you would love to see in the goodie bag?

Please make a suggestion to guildball.wtc@gmail.com! I'll keep that open until the end of November and maybe, if there are some ideas that we like, we might put this to public voting and see if we can get something done. Please note that 'original scale Fangtooth plushies' are not a thing and we can't create something that ludicrous... but the idea is tempting now that I wrote it! Anyhow. Keep playing, support your community and have a great time!

WTC Commitee
Reach me via Discord Wandler#1491
e-mail: skerolf.gbwtc@gmail.com
general inquiries: guildball.wtc@gmail.com

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