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A Well Oiled Machine [Global Aura]

Organizing a WTC, even a Guildball one, is a tall task. That is something we have to acknowledge. When we, the Slovenia-Austrian organization team, set out to take over and did the groundwork, we quickly found out that our projected hotels in and around of Maribor (Slovenia) were not able to provide what we needed.

It was either the number of available rooms, the meeting rooms for the tournament itself, or they were just unable to make a competitive offer that would enable us to keep the admission fee as stable as possible.

Furthermore we made a decision that would increase the amount of participants inevitably. NO we are not going five-man teams ... at least not in 2020!

Instead, we decided to increase the amount of teams up to sixty-four and thus guarantee a six-round event.

Speaking of: We heard your feedback from last year and will move away from the three games on Saturday and three games on Sunday and will schedule for a more dense four games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. This will enable us to finish the event early on Sunday and make it easier for everyone who wants to depart on that very day.

Speaking of traveling ...

I maybe could have lead with the location, ah well. I can still do it now, no? We will all meet in the lovely Sporthotel am Semmering in Semmering, Austria (very creative, I know).

The Semmering is easy to reach from the Vienna Airport (your fly-in location of choice!). The preferable options are:

  • a direct train connection that will get you there, without having to change trains, within roughly one hour and forty-five minutes
  • a rental car from the airport and a one-hour drive

If you arrive by train we will have a local taxi company shuttle you between the train station and the hotel, unless you prefer to enjoy the fifteen-minute walk.

Oh, and one more thing:

The event will take place on the weekend of the sixteenth October (Oct 16-18) 2020.

We did decide for this date for several reasons, with not overlapping the WMHO WTC or the SPIEL fair in Germany being the most important.

To summarize:

  • Date: October 16-18, 2020
  • Venue: Austria, Semmering
  • 4 Games on Saturday, 2 Games on Sunday

Looking forward to see you all in Austria!

WTC Commitee
Reach me via Discord Wandler#1491
e-mail: skerolf.gbwtc@gmail.com
general inquiries: guildball.wtc@gmail.com

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