Tales from the Pitch

Introducing Tales from the Pitch

With so many dedicated podcasts, blogs, and video channels, Guild Ball has an impressive library of content. Discussions on a wide variety of Guild Ball related topics are readily available in a variety of media outlets and featuring some of the game's biggest names (take a look at the Community Resources page for some of our favorites). The wealth of information these content creators provide are a huge part of why Guild Ball has one of the strongest and most active communities in gaming.

We here at the Longshanks want to hear from an even broader set of voices. We think there are a lot of people out there who have interesting things to share with the Guild Ball community but don't have a good platform to share them on. That's where YOU come in! We're looking to host a column featuring articles written by guest authors that's easily available to the Guild Ball community.

Do you have a unique take on a popular guild or insight into a particular matchup? Want to share your methods for practicing and preparing for tournaments? Is there a great game recap that you're dying to tell? Whatever kind of story you have, we want your Tales from the Pitch.


If you have an interesting article that you'd like to appear on this site, send it to us by email or at our Facebook page along with your Longshanks ID number.

Article submissions should be well-written and readable in five to ten minutes (around 1000 words). We're also open to article series, so if you have a topic or story that would take a few issues to tell, that's great! If your articles includes pictures or graphics, feel free to include them. Audio and video content will be considered if it's short and integral to the written article.

The fine print

Authors retain all copyrights to their written and graphical submissions and grant the Longshanks a non-exclusive license to publish any and all submitted content. The Longshanks reserves the right to make editorial changes to submitted articles, but will inform the author of any changes before publication. We aren't lawyers and this is not legal text. Generally speaking, you give the Longshanks permission to publish anything you submit to us and we'll do our best to preserve your intentions and not take things out of context.

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