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Since its inception, the Longshanks has been engineered, operated, and managed in one person's spare time. Hundreds of hours went into the initial creation of the system and its development. As the site's creator and curator, I have made myself available seven days a week for questions, comments, error reports, and account creation so that its users can have the best experience possible.

As much as I love Guild Ball and enjoy providing the community with tools that make the game better, I have responsibilities outside of running this site and can't justify the amount of time it requires without any compensation.

There are currently 3940 player profiles in the system, 2011 of which have been claimed. The site has between 200 and 500 visitors each day and over 1000 unique visitors every week. It takes only a small amount per active user to keep the Longshanks funded.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has donated and subscribed so far. The site still exists because of your generosity. Thank you for your time and happy gaming!


The Longshanks runs best with a steady stream of funding. If you'd like to support the site and get access to some advanced features, please subscribe using the menus below. You may subscribe either monthly or yearly.

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