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Since its inception, the Longshanks has been engineered, operated, and managed in one person's spare time. Hundreds of hours went into the initial creation of the system and its development and the site requires regular maintenance and upkeep so that users can have the best experience possible.

As the site's creator and curator, I make myself available daily for questions, comments, and error reports. I love Guild Ball and enjoy providing the community with tools that make the game better, but I can't justify the time required to run this site without any compensation.

My sincerest thanks to all the existing subscribers. The site still exists because of your generosity. Thank you for your time and happy gaming!


There are currently 4688 player profiles in the system, 2707 of which have been claimed. The site has two to five hundred unique visitors each day and one to two thousand every week. A small, regular contribution from each active user can keep the site fully funded.

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