Update log


  • User request Added the ability to award (and penalize) players with bonus TPs at an event.
  • Added the ability to track paid/unpaid status for events with an entry fee.
  • Closed a loophole that allowed a player to be registered to an event more than once.
  • Significant UI changes, including a complete overhaul of the Statistics page, the Help page, and the Tools & resources page.
  • Added security features to reduce the likelihood of accidental overwriting of player and event data.
  • Added a "Generic" game system for recording games and events in unsupported game systems.


  • Improved support for X-Wing
    • Made the main X-Wing system specific for v2.5.
    • Added a second X-Wing Legacy system for v1.0 and v2.0.
  • User request Added support for Star Wars: Legion


  • Reorganized tie breakers that are called "Strength of Schedule" so that they appear as such. LS now supports three "SOS variants".
  • Added the SOS variant (average opponent TP) specified by the Marvel Crisis Protocol tournament rules that became active today.
  • Quality-of-life improvements to the general appearance of the site. Color contrast should be better, especially on the Statistics page.


  • Massive changes to the Statistics page.
    • The faction analyzer has been moved to its own page (should improve loading speed when looking at the main stats page).
    • User request Addition of new graphs that show several stats over time, including play rates and win rates for factions and scenarios.
    • Added tracking of allied faction statistics for games that support using more than one faction per game.
  • Added the ability for team captains and event organizers to delete/remove a team from a team event.
  • In games that have subfactions (eg. Leaders, Captains, Theme Forces, etc.), a warning appears if the "no subfaction" option is selected to encourage players to select a subfaction when submitting game results.


  • User request Added the ability to hide faction selections before an event begins. Event hosts may force all player factions to be visible, hidden, or allow players to choose.
  • User request Added a button to unfinished games to view your opponent's faction and list.


  • User request Added support for a secondary scoring method called Army Points. This must be turned on by the administrator of each game system that wants to use it.
  • Added new tie breakers called "army points scored" and "army points allowed" which are equivalent to "victory points scored" and "victory points allowed" but for army points.
  • Communities may now select up to three game systems that their members regularly play. This selection helps players find communities that match their interests.
  • General restructuring of the Communities pages, including addition of a search function.
  • Some errors on the Statistics page have been corrected which were causing inaccuracies in game and event counts for some filter settings.


  • Added a new tie breaker called "Opponent Wins" or "OPW". This tie breaker sorts players by the total number of games their opponents have won. Note: OPW is referred to as "Strength of Schedule" in the Warmachine & Hordes tournament rules.
  • Game system administrators may now assign a set of preferred tie breakers. These will be selected by default for any new events in that game system.


  • User request Added support for Warmachine & Hordes.


  • User request Added a new tie breaker that always places the event winner's final opponent in second place. This tie breaker is called "Top table" or "TOP".


  • MOV, VPS, and VPA tie breakers are no longer averaged across all games. Instead, the total value for these figures are shown.


  • UI changes to event pages.
  • Added a button to zoom to the game list on an event page.
  • Added support for assigning a customizable score to a player and the phantom player in a bye. These values are adjustable per game system.


  • New subscriptions and subscription cancellations are now processed automatically using a PayPal API.
  • Added a log of subscription payments and other PayPal transactions. This log is viewable from your Dashboard. (This log begins on 2022-03-23.)


  • User request Added an adjustable timer to events. Use this timer to inform players how much time they have remaining to submit their registration or complete a round.


  • User request Added the "your events" section to the main events page. When you are logged in, this tab shows current and upcoming events that you are registered for.


  • User request Added support for Bushido.
  • Added support for dynamic tournament points (depending on game score, not just win/loss/draw) to support Bushido.
  • Added a home page for each supported game system that includes a description of the game (if applicable) and lists details such as the game's publisher, award and rating thresholds, tournament point scheme, factions, and scenarios.
  • Made the process for creating and managing a team (for team events) more obvious for players.


  • User request Added event names to the page title.
  • Added a badge for game stores and event venues.


  • Added a page for users to submit requests to improve the site or add features.
  • Users can also vote on requests. Requests with more votes are more likely to be implemented.


  • Added an "evil twin" list of player profiles with similar display names to the Dashboard. Each "evil twin" profile in the list has a button to request that it be merged with your own profile (if it is a duplicate or otherwise represents the same person).


  • Event hosts may choose to allow players to edit all of their games in an event ("league") instead of only their current game ("tournament").
  • Patron and Champion subscribers may upload custom banner images and icons for their events.


  • The three possible pairing errors are more clearly displayed when setting pairings for a round, as well as the options for automatically avoiding those errors.
    • Rematches are always automatically avoided.
    • Pairings between mutual friends can be avoided automatically by using the avoid friends option.
    • Players being assigned to the same table for multiple games can be avoided automatically by using the fresh tables option.
  • Added an option to pre-select the scenario and point value for all games when adding a new round. This option is only available for game systems that use scenarios and/or point values.
  • Added a set of "fake" player accounts (ID numbers 800 through 815) for use when testing out the system.


  • Events may now be hosted for a specific community, restricting registration to community members.
  • Updates to how events are displayed and organized on the event list pages.


  • Event types have been updated to more clearly identify which events count towards player ratings and which do not.
    • "Standard" events are now "Rated standard" events.
    • "Friendly" events are now "Unrated standard" events.
    • "Team" events are now "Rated team" events.
    • There is a new event type called "Unrated team" events.


  • Addition of player communities.
  • The Statistics page now defaults to include all events and games, not just competitive ones.
  • Non-rating-based awards now include results from all games and events, not just competitive ones.


  • The Control Panel has been renamed to the Dashboard. Your Dashboard shows all of your ongoing games and each event you've registered for or played in. It also has tools to manage and edit your player profile.
  • When logged in, the homepage now redirects to your Dashboard so that you can easily and quickly find your current games and events.


  • Events may now apply up to three tie breakers in any order.
  • Two new tie breakers have been added:
    • Victory points scored (average score in each game).
    • Victory points allowed (average opponent's score in each game).
  • Player profiles now show how many games and events that player has participated in for each supported game system. This is so you can tell which games a player actively playes without having to reload the page for each game.
  • Subscriber only The GhostDeer Index now includes sub-factions when they have a win rate that differs from their parent faction by more than 5%.
  • The cookie that stores your selected game system now lasts much longer (until the year 2038) so you don't have to make this choice repeatedly. This cookie stores no other personal information.


  • The "hidden" event status has been renamed "under construction." The color and icon for this status have also been updated to reflect this change.
  • A new "hidden" event status option has been added. An event with this status is equivalent to an Open event in every way except that it does not appear in any public event lists. Players must have the event link in order to view the event.


  • Added support for single- and double-elimination rounds.
  • Reconfigured the pairing options display when adding a new round.
  • Added support for minimum and maximum player score, score step size, and min/max point value. Score range can impact if score appears as a type-in field or a menu in game submission windows.
  • Added faction names to the faction ranking section of the Statistics page.
  • Added a filter that marks factions on the Statistics page with low play counts to warn users before conclusions are drawn. This also hides low-play-count factions from the GhostDeer Index entirely.


  • Event organizers may now add players to an event after it has begun. A player who joins an ongoing event cannot be added to an existing round but will be included in subsequent rounds.
  • Ranking within events now ignores total game count (to support the addition of late players). Players are now ranked by:
    1. tournament points
    2. number of wins
    3. number of ties
    4. number of losses
    5. the chosen tie-breaker for the event (if any)
  • The "newbie" badge now only marks player profiles created in the last 30 days (instead of 90).


  • Team events have been upgraded to match the rest of Longshanks 2.0.
  • Improvements to the player profile claiming system.


  • General improvements and fixes to the Statistics page. Fixed a bug that was reporting erronious subfaction stats.
  • Added reCAPTCHA checks to the pages that create and claim player profiles.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Added Monrad and Random pairing options.
  • The pairing system can now avoid pairing friends in every round (still not recommended beyond round 1).
  • Adjustments to the appearance of faction icons (smaller) for a more concise page layout.


  • Subscriber only Added a printable player check-in sheet for events.
  • Added a button to copy the link for an event to the user's clipboard (for easier sharing).


  • UX improvements, especially for smaller mobile screens.
  • Popup windows (game result entry, game system chooser, etc.) can now be closed by pressing ESC.
  • Refinements to the roster list submission system based on early user feedback.
  • Game systems may now use a tournament point scheme if desired. (This is recommended ONLY for games that require it.)


  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Preparatory work for automating the subscription system through PayPal.
  • Reactivated the leaderboard.


  • Discord and Twitter handles may be added to a player profile.
  • Players may submit roster lists when registering for an event.
    • Players and event organizers may modify roster lists after they have been entered.
    • All players may view all roster lists once the first round of an event has begun.
  • Players may choose to be unrated.
    • Unrated players don't appear on the ranking page and their player rating is not displayed anywhere.

Longshanks 2.0 was publicly launched on 2021-06-25.

Longshanks 1.0 Longshanks 1.0


  • The Digital Duelist award has been increased from 15 to 30 online games.
    • Awards already earned at the previous level will be retained in a player's award history.
  • The Torch award has been removed due to technical difficulties and lack of interest.
  • UI improvements to the Ranking page and to event standings.
  • The name and nickname policies have been updated.
    • Display names are no longer required to match your IRL name.
    • Display names may now include digits.
    • Subscriber only Nicknames may now include certain letter-like special characters (@, $, , £, ¥, and µ).
    • Display names now include the player ID to ensure positive identification.


  • Layout and content changes to the Statistics page to reflect lower game counts due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the game by SFG.


  • Subscriber only Added the Matchup Analyzer to the Statistics page.
  • Rearranged the Help page.


  • Added the ability to enable (and disable) direct messages (DMs) between players. Enable direct messaging from your dashboard.
    • Your email address is not shown to the message recipient. They must follow a link to reply.
    • DMs are always enabled between event attendees and event organizers.
    • If you send a DM, the recipient will be able to reply even if you have messaging disabled.
  • Added the Digital Duelist, People's Champion, and Veteran awards.
  • Added tracking of win streaks. Created the Leaderboard page to display win streak information.
  • Moved the Guild Leader section of the Statistics page to the new Leaderboard page.
  • Significant tweaks to how games display.
  • Significant tweaks to the info section on player profile pages.


  • The data filters button has been moved into the main menu. It will appear there on any page where it is relevant.
  • The Game tools and Community resources pages have been merged into the Tools & resources page.
  • Minor UI tweaks.


  • All references to the Pundit program (other than this one) have been removed.


  • Overhaul of the casual game submission and viewing systems.
  • Slight changes to the UI of the Control Panel page.
  • Site-wide change to the subscription badges.


  • The "performance details" and "opponent history" sections of a player profile have been combined and updated to function like the Statistics page.
  • Players can now recieve notes from the administration. If you receive one, it will appear on your Control Panel.


  • User interface updates.
  • The official world championship qualifying events are now sorted by their event series rather than by year. This is in preparation for the 2019 competitive season ending with a world championship tournament in 2020. This change is for labeling and sorting purposes only and has no impact on the events themselves.



  • Event organizers may transfer control of an event to another person. Be sure to enter the correct player ID number when transferring control of an event, as any transfer is permanant.
  • Events organizers may now assign an Assistant to help manage the player list, enter game results, and set rounds. The Assistant cannot delete or manage ownership of the event.
  • A game now changes appearance when results are entered. A blue-green bar indicates successful database entry while a red bar indicates failure.


  • Subscriber only Updated the display of the GhostDeer Index (the Statistics page), including the addition of a trend line.
  • Subscriber only Significant interface updates to the Performance Breakdown section of player profiles. This page should now be more informative and easier to understand, especially on mobile devices.


  • Subscriber only The GhostDeer Index added to the Statistics page.


  • Player list in an event's TO Tools can now be ordered alphabetically or by registration order.
  • Subscriber only Printable player list available for checking players in at an event.


  • Miners, Cooks, and third captains added to all site features.
  • Featured Matches section added to the home page. Featured matches are between two players in the past 7 days who both have a rating at least 85% as high as the highest-rated player.


  • Added the Centurion award for playing 100 games in a year.
  • The Torch award was modified due to player inactivity.
  • Guild Purist, Multi Guild Master, Guild Ball Guru, and Centurion awards are now recorded permanantly on a player's profile along with the date the award is first earned.
  • A player's highest rating is recorded on their profile along with the date that rating was achieved.
  • Event pages now use stored player ratings rather than calculating them each time the page is loaded. This should speed up event pages dramatically.
  • Championship events now have a laurel surrounding their event image to highlight them as championships and indicate if they are official or unofficial.


  • Subscriber only Added kicking and receiving data to the statistics page


  • Added tracking of kicker and receiver to games.
    • By default, games don't have a set kicker or receiver.
    • Use the "kicker" buttons to set which player kicked off during a game.
    • If a game is a tie and a kicker is set, the kicker wins the game.
  • Added Injury Report cards to the "Game Tools" page.
  • Renamed the "Resources" page the "Community Resources" page.
  • Fixed some bugs with adding and dropping players from events.


  • Automatic reloading on event pages has been removed due to speed concerns. These features may be reintroduced in a future update.
  • Measures have been taken to reduce the likelihood of event pages crashing during large events.
  • Standings, statistics, TO tools, and games (by round) are now all shown on the main event page.
    • Use the buttons underneath the event info box to switch between panels.
    • All games from every round appear on the main page regardless of event size.
  • Printable paper tokens and proxies have been added to the Game Tools page.
    • These were formerly hosted on the Longshanks administrator's personal site.


  • Guild leader and purist badges now have titles partially decided by the GB player community.
  • Events pages have been reorganized.
    • A menu of buttons appears near the top of each event page to facilitate navigation between the Standings, Statistics, and Round pages.
    • Registration and TO tools now appear toward the bottom of the Standings page.
    • Games no longer appear on the Standings page, regardless of event size.
  • The Round buttons will populate automatically as new rounds are generated with no need to reload the page.
    • While attending an event, you will see a new button appear when a new round begins.
  • The Standings page can now update itself automatically as new game results are entered.
    • This feature is in beta testing and appears for the TO only. It will be released soon for players and spectator.
    • Running an event has never been easier! While running an OPEN event, simply load the Standings page at the beginning of a round and watch it update as players report their own results. You'll see when all the results are reported and it's time to generate a new round and never have to reload the page.


  • Added the SFG staff and Pundit badges.
  • Allow searching by home region and account type on the player page.
  • Enabled ability to directly message pundits.


  • Subscriber only Enabled option to host team tournaments.


  • General user interface and functionality updates.
  • Updated event type icons.
  • Team Tournament hosting open to selected testers.


  • Added the Guild Ball Guru badge.


  • General user interface and functionality updates.
  • Preparing the system for Team Tournament events.


  • Moved to a new web host.
  • SSL security now available.
  • Option to send a password reset message now appears after an incorrect login attempt.
  • Changes to profile creation system:
    • Player profiles no longer made automatically when adding players to an event.
    • Event organizers can still create profiles, but must do so purposefully.
  • Users may now create their own player profiles.
  • Subscriber only Added Watch List feature to track friends, rivals, and local club members.


  • Added a "resources" page.
  • Merged guild and captains stats pages into a single "Statistics" page.
  • Pages now have art!
  • Subscriber only Added the ability for event organizers to send announcements to registered players.


  • Added TO option to avoid local player pairing in round one.


  • Restructured the Control Panel page.
  • Fixed current games displaying on Control Panel.
  • Made login cookies more secure.
  • Added "local opponents" feature.
    • Users may add up to five local opponents they regularly play.
    • TOs will soon have the option to avoid pairing mutually-recognized players in the first round of an event.


  • Removed the QR code feature from events.
  • Structural changes to enable subscriber-only features.


  • Added a specific option for release events as an event type.


  • Removed references to the European Union in event and player regions.
  • Added options for Belgian, French, German, and Spanish sub-regions to the region selection menus (for both events and players).


  • Added page allowing TOs to modify players' pre-registered guilds.
  • Some back-end work in preparation for doubles/team event support.


  • Added badge descriptions to the information page.
  • Changed button appearances for increased consistency.
  • Added day, month, and year headers to event pages for easier event location.
  • Fixed quotes around nicknames so they don't look stupid if in a heading.


  • Restructured system for editing player and event info.
  • Corrected error that caused BYE games to count as a win for ranking purposes.
  • Added "detail" pages to player profiles.


  • Updated art assets for captains, guilds, and awards.
  • Added championship events page.
  • Guild Purist badges now show which guild they represent.
  • Added Google Maps integration on event pages.
    • Searches for event venue based on name.
    • If the correct location doesn't appear for an event that you are hosting, try adjusting the "location" parameter.


  • Pre-registered events now appear on both your player profile and your control panel.
  • Fixes for names with apostrophes.


  • TOs can now un-drop players from events.
    • This can be used to swap players mid-event:
      • add players A and B to event
      • drop player B before setting round 1 pairings
      • drop player A and un-drop player B when the swap happens
  • Reconfigured player information display and editing.
    • Player profile page:
      • Rating & RPI
      • Game history, casual games, hosted events
    • Control panel:
      • Games from current event (if applicable)
      • Buttons to host an event or create a casual game record
      • Hosted events (if applicable)
  • Player names, alternate names, and nicknames.
    • Names and alternate names cannot have numbers or special characters
    • Names and alternate names require at least two words (e.g. first and last)
    • Nicknames can contain anything
  • Players can choose to have their name hidden.
    • Change this in the "edit player information" section of your control panel
    • Instead of your name, you will see "Player #xx" where xx is your ID#


  • Added captain win rate data.
  • Modified Multi-Guild Master badge
    • Now requires five or more tournament games with each of five or more guilds.
  • Updates to event and game display to improve performance in large events.
  • UI updates in preperation for Minor Guilds.
  • Added QR codes to event pages
    • Use these to advertise and give players quick access to the event page.


  • Streamlined captain selection.
  • Added achievement badges:
    • Current world champion (updated)
    • Past world champion
    • World championship qualifier
    • Guild Purist (only one guild, 30+ games)
    • Multi-Guild Master (tournament game with each guild)
  • Improvements to guild and national champion badges.
  • Added guild breakdown to event pages.


  • Added captain images to games when a captain is chosen.
  • The site now operates on a weekly schedule.
    • When filtering results by date, the "from" date is forced to the nearest Wednesday.
    • Year-old events drop from the standard ranking on the first Wednesday after they become one year old.
    • This will reduce the frequency of rating changes due to old events being removed to only once per week.
  • Minor bug fixes in event creation & management.


  • Added captain selection for games.
  • Added guild selection when registering for an event.
  • Coordinated color schemes for secure items. (Items you can access due to login priveleges are now all purple.)
  • Added "top 3" sections for each guild to the Guild Stats page.
  • Fixed the flag for the US state of Georgia. Sorry!
  • Bug fixes relating to display of hidden events on player pages.
  • Organized main events list page into "future," "current," and "past" events.

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